We are a community of people with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and love. We are youth and adults who are not comfortable with doing nothing to help our neighbors in need. No matter how they get to where they are today, we want to consistently show up to bring things they might need and most importantly, hope. 

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You are an organization that can either host a volunteer event or can provide support to us to serve the community. You can also donate to us.

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You are an adult who is passionate about serving community and teaching our next generation. You set a good example by volunteering your time and providing resource to help youth leaders to learn how to serve. 

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You are a youth who is passionate about serving community by giving your time and talent. You are an organizer who can rally your friends and classmates, teens like yourself to contribute. You may not have money but you have endless energy and compassion for the poor, the needy and the children. 

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You are born to serve and you just go to where you are needed. You can join a group or do so individually. You can also advance a valuable cause by sharing your experience with the world through social media.  

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