Katelyn Yu is a Winner of the Gold PVSA award! She goes to Westlake High School and is in 10th grade. Her hobbies include playing piano, fashion, and robotics.

Katelyn is part of Westlake’s Robotics Club and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). From this program, Katelyn Yu has learned many useful skills. She has volunteered a total of 135 hours. During these hours, she volunteered at various places and started a face shield company with her brother! Printing them with a 3D printer and selling them to dentists around Austin at affordable prices, “these face shields were cheap, reliable, and fun to make”, she says.

Her motivation through this was all in her goal: for sale proceeds to go towards donating personal protection equipment for the Manos De Cristo Dental Center and local nursing homes. If you’d like to know more about her company, visit the website for more information (https://www.custommedshields.com). For those who want to start a company like her, you can reach out to people around you that have done similar things, set your key points, and try your best! 

Some of her favorite moments in her life come from volunteering, which is awesome! She would like to tell everyone, “Don’t let small boundaries or limitations hold you back from helping people” – and with that, congrats to Katelyn Yu for her inspiring work!  


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