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PVSA Winner: Jessica Hao

Jessica Hao is a Junior at Westwood Highschool. She is is a Girl Scout and an Austin Youth Council (AYC) member and the committee chair of the School-to-Prison Pipeline committee within AYC. She is a winner of the Gold PVSA award, one of the 34 youth who were recently awarded this annual award administered by ACAN

To earn this award, she volunteered a total of 131 hours at various different times, places, and events. Some activities she volunteered for include Project Inspira, as a teacher at a creative writing class, making lunches, and constructing face shields. She even started a writing tutoring class which turned out so well that the parents wanted to pay her! 

Jessica expresses that many things motivated her throughout the process. This included the fact that right now, everyone is in quarantine and there isn’t much to do. She wanted to help the community in a positive way, and give gratitude to those around her. Jessica hopes to continue this journey of volunteering at many different events which she absolutely enjoys! She is looking forward to pursuing the gold award in girl scouts! 

Jessica would like to tell all youth,

“You should apply for this award and volunteer because volunteering will always bring good into the community; it helps you grow a positive mindset and you really learn to reach out to and give back to others.” 

In addition to volunteering, Jessica enjoys dancing, bullet journaling, and baking. She knows what she’s doing! Thank you for your hard work Jessica and Congrats!

Jessica and her mom

Now, she has a request for you to help! The Austin Youth Council is currently working to help students in the Austin community have access to school supplies and technology that they may need for school. She is in the process of collecting additional donations through friends, family, and organizations around us. Items she plans to collect include hotspots, masks, laptops, and regular school supplies like textbooks, binders, notebooks. She really hopes to collect new/gently used hotspots and Chromebooks if possible from donors to provide technology for underprivileged students. The current timeframe for collecting donations is between 1/15 and 2/15. You can drop off donations at 9900 Chester Cove, Austin TX, 78750. Please put donations in the bin at the front door.

If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Jessica ( She appreciates your support! 


Iris Chen

Iris Chen is a 7th Grader at Grisham middle school. She really enjoys volunteering anywhere! Iris also loves to ski, read, write, and help others! She is also very passionate about STEM and Business, and hopes to start a business when she can!

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