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Prepare Well

“By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.” Always. Texas didn’t do really well, but I think my family did well. 

On the Friday before this year’s second snow, I recall perfectly how tired I was from sending 400 Valentine cards to everyone for student council. I was looking forward to spending some quality time biking and playing basketball. I was astonished. Everything was covered in ice. The ground had a tiny sheet of ice on it, making it impossible to bike on. The leaves were stiff, frozen by the ice. It was amazing, even our basketball hoop was frozen solid! I had a great time with my friends, smashing the one-inch thick ice off of things. But I knew that ‘fun’ was only half of what’ll happen in the days to come. 

I am confident to say that my family prepared well, which is a big reason for how we were able to get through this period of time easily. We knew by the end of that day that Texas would not be able to handle the record low temperatures, for Texas has a history of being independent. That Friday night, we have already filled 3 of our bathtubs with water. Interestingly enough, our stoppers all worked effectively. My mom then proceeded to cook some food. My sister took out all of our portable chargers, our camping lights, and placed candles and lighters everywhere we deemed necessary. I found the warmest blankets and printed at least a week’s worth of math problems. Finally, we were ready.

Not going to lie here, we might have over prepared a little, but in my opinion, that’s better than under preparing. We had no problems with my house for the next week. By the next Thursday, what we expected had come. Our electric company hinted that we would be losing electricity for an amount of time, and water just stopped. But due to our preparations, it really isn’t “heroic” how we went through this “disaster”. The only difference between my life before and after is that we ate on plastic plates and drank out of plastic bottles, my retainer spelled bad due to the little washing I gave it, and I used the restroom under one of the many trees in my backyard. We were also lucky- electricity never stopped. 

Today, I was complaining to my friends about how I was tired of using the restroom in the backyard when water came back! Relief would be the word to describe my feelings. 

The most important thing to do when disaster might strike is to prepare. Whether it’s the government preparing, or just ourselves, we must do all we can. It’s so simple to go from a less wealthy lifestyle to a more wealthy one, but the reverse was really hard. I am sure that we are all so grateful, it would be pointless to try to express how much I am here. Put simply, I’m grateful for everything. But I’m sure that we’ll give back to the community starting from this date. 

I can’t say it wasn’t fun though.

By Aiden Wen, 7th Grade


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