Jasper English

We Teach English for Free!

A free 1 on 1 ESL program that teaches students from overseas. We want to help our community during this pandemic.

Jason Zhao

I’ve been serving over 5 states and several different countries over the past three years, and I’m honored to be a leader of the Vicina team. Really excited to see what we can do to make positive changes in the Austin community. When I saw parents looking for online classes for their kids during the pandemic, an idea came to me: why not create a free online ESL program to help these families? To bring my idea to reality, I created Jasper English. Currently I am leading this program, a “pay-it-forward” project to tutor Chinese kids for free.

Paul Cheng


Hey y’all, I am Paul Cheng, an incoming senior from Concordia High School. I am a competitive swimmer and train with my club team on the daily basis. In the past two years of participating in the Texas TAPPS State Swimming Championship, I placed first and third in 100 Yard Butterfly and third in 100 Yard Backstroke. Besides swimming, I am also a patient person with passion for helping others. Joining Jasper English, I would like to further develop my bilingual communication and tutoring ability while helping students who wish to improve their English and to broaden their insights.

David Hou


Hey guys, I am David Hou, a rising senior from Brentwood Christian School. Soccer, art and design, and drums are my passion. I am a marathon runner and have been participated in half and full marathon. Math is my type of subject. I am in competitive math team in my school and have been participated in math competition in state. Solving problems is an enjoyable task for me, so beside teaching skills in English, I would be glad to help my students with math problems. Joining Jasper English, I want to build up skills in educating and communicating while benefiting students, and give tips and suggestions for those who want to study abroad.

Andrew Kong


What’s up guys, I’m Haosong Kong, a rising Junior of St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School, you can also call me Andrew. I’ve been studying in the states for almost 3 years in Austin Texas and keeping my GPA at about 96.5. I always have great passion in music and art, at the same time, basketball is my favorite sport and I joined the school basketball team. In school, I always work hard and joined the math honor association. Biology is my favorite subject and I plan to study it in college. Outside of school, I love to help people. As the Vice President of Volunteers Department of VICINA Youth, we raised money to help Austin Asian communities and local non-profit organizations during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a volunteer tutor of Jasper English, I helped kids from China with their English online in the summertime. As a volunteer of Austin Pets Alive, I am helping Austin animal shelters and keeping Austin a non-die city. 

Kevin Lu


I Hey guys, I am Kevin Lu, an incoming freshman at University of Texas. I have played many sports in high school, including football, basketball, and track, and I am looking forward to share these experiences with you. My main goal is to improve my students’ English ability, while I am also able to help them in various aspect. I am glad to join Jasper English, and I hope to see you soon!

Rihanna Lyu

Tutor, logo designer

I’m Rihanna Lyu, I have lived in the States for 4 years. I’m a freshman at the Regents School of Austin. I do all kinds of art especially drawing and painting. I have gained successes in a lot of art competitions here in the states but I always learning. I’m volunteering here in Jasper’s English. I will be teaching Chinese students digital art using English using the app Procreate.

Emily Shang


I’m Emily Shang, a freshman at Wake Forest University. I am passionate about reading, sports, and films. I also love to serve those in need. Over the past 4 years, I have been working as a volunteer at a local children’s hospital to relieve boredom for hospitalized kids through performing magic tricks, telling stories, and playing board games. Recently I joined Jasper English to tutor young kids from China. I enjoy community service because it has prompted me to become a more empathetic and socially responsible person.

Kelinda Shen


大家好! My name is Kelinda Shen (申欣怡), I am current senior at Westlake High School in Austin, TX. I have taken classes such as AP English, and I love editing people’s essays. I’m usually available on Friday night, or on the weekends. I love to volunteer for this amazing organization because we are currently facing a pandemic that might happen once in our lifetime and being able to help out is very rewarding.


John Tian


Hello, this is John Tian from St.Dominic Savio. I’ve been studying in Austin for over three years. In my daily life, I often watch movies, play soccer, and hang out with friends. As an International student, I understand that Chinese students are having troubles while learning English. However, being able to master a fluent second language is indeed necessary. Joining Jasper English, my goal is to let my students get a sense of American culture. I hope my teaching can be interesting and useful.

Regina wang


Hi! My name is Regina Wang, and I go to the King’s Academy. I like dancing, reading, and boxing. I also like to go photographing on weekends. I joined Jasper English because I really want to do my part during this pandamic.

Gloria wu


I’m Gloria, an American born Chinese who is currently in middle school. I enjoy serving others, and have served in church and various places such as Mexico, New Orleans, and China. I hope I can become a good leader and role model to other students through Vicina.

Wilson Wu


Linsen Wu, a rising senior of Summit Christian Academy. Head of Volunteers Department of VICINA Youth. Initiated and orginized 3 online fundraising concert during COVID-19 Pendemic, raised over $13000 directly supporting local and international non profit orginizations. I am also a singer, song writer and music producer, check out my original music search 吴霖森 on QQ Music, Search Wilson Wu on Apple Music and Spotify. At the same time, tutoring english for chinese students is my passion as well. Joining Jasper English, I want to develop my skill of teaching and communicating. At the same time, I will give useful advise for those who want to study abroad.

tina xiang


Hi. My name is Tina Xiang and I’m currently studying in the U.S. I live in Houston, Texas and I’m going to be a junior next year.I like shopping with my friends and painting. It is my 4th year in America. I enjoy teaching and I want to help students that is not so good at English. So I volunteer as a tutor at Jasper English. I love spending time with my student every Sunday!

Angelina Xiao


Hi, I’m Angelina Xiao, a freshman from Hill Country Christian School of Austin. Drawing, reading, writing, guitar and pingpong are my favorites. I’m glad to participate in this project and hope I can help more Chinese students learn about the charm of English.

hillary xu


I go to Vandegrift High school. I like to read, study nature, and learn about everything. In my spare time, I help with various community projects and foster shelter dogs. I joined Jasper English because I wanted to connect with young students and fellow student-teachers.

John Zhang


Hello! I’m John Zhang, a rising Freshman at the University of Texas at Austin who will study mechanical engineering. I was on the competitive math and chemistry team at my school and participated TAPPS and BoT competitions. I also enjoy playing basketball and water skiing outside of school. I participated numerous volunteering events both in- and outside of school. I wish to use this opportunity at Jasper English to facilitate the learning experience of the students interested in learning English.







Hours of tutoring


hours of preparing



I know Andrew is going to start school soon and the course will come to an end. It is really hard to say goodbye to Jasper English and teenage teachers, the students and teachers took more than three months to get along with each other and build a deep relationship. First of all, I would like to thank Jason for organizing this very meaningful activity during this epidemic. Chinese students in China and in the US helped each other, which not only enabled teenage teachers to experience a sense of responsibility but also enabled students in China to experience the different teaching methods of their peers, which benefited a lot for them. Andrew’s serious and strict teaching attitude and humorous teaching style are deeply loved by my daughter. I remember she rejected English before, but she is now very interested in it. The help from teacher Andrew is inseparable! When the epidemic situation delayed the school teaching, my daughter got 102.5 points in the final exam of this year: the second best result in the class! Here I take the place of my daughter to express my deep thank Jasper English! I sincerely hope that Jason will continue this activity in the future! Thanks again to Jasper english for their efforts and devotion in this activity!

Jiayue’s mom

Jason’s English course that held during the summer was very successful because it is very hard to have such a rare idea at the beginning. At the same time, he is a great leader that arranges everything in order. Almost can’t notice that this is the first time that this organization is organized activities. I believe Both teachers and students, every one of them will benefit a lot from it,. Tina’s teacher is Kevin. He takes every course very seriously. He not only teaches text, grammar, and vocabulary but also teaches Tina from different dimensions about American history, humanities and science. In every course, Tina finds it very interesting. Among all her summer courses, she looks forward to this class the most. When she knew that the course would come to an end at the end of the summer, she was a little bit disappointed. She hoped that this course could continue. As a parent, I also hope it to continue, because I think these young people in this group have a more interesting way to communicate with the other young students in China. The teenagers of PREP can be completely trusted, for example their ways to see the world. Therefore, Tina has gained not only the improvement in English but also the power of an example to her like Jason and Kevin.

Tina’s mom

It is a great honor to participate in this online English tutoring course. This activity is very meaningful. During the covid-19 pandemic, these lovely high school students actively used their power to help and guide the children. In this activity, although Regina is a young high school student, during the tutoring process, she demonstrated her good English literacy, treated the academic problems encountered in the teaching process rigorously. She was friendly in the interaction with the children. I wish this event will be a successful conclusion, and I also hope that the teachers can find the ideal school to better display their wonderful self on the world stage.

Jenny’s mom

I had a great time with them. they’re kind and helpful. I really want to say thank you to them at the very end of the lesson. 


The year 2020 has been a year of horror and chaos for the world but we have met some warm-hearted brothers. They are Chinese teenagers studying thousands of miles away from home in the United States. Because of the epidemic, they could not go back home, but they overcame their fear of the epidemic and desire to see their parents. To contribute to the Chinese community by doing public welfare, they spontaneously taught English to Chinese domestic students online. Thank you all for letting us deeply feel the love from across the ocean! I wish you guys a bright future in the United States.