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Holiday Cards

Our ACAN Youth, Iris Chen, has come up with this wonderful idea: write a holiday card and personally deliver to her neighbors. Just reading her letter will melt your heart. Great job, Iris!

Her letter reads:

Dear residents of this house, 

This is Iris Chen, a middle schooler who is writing to you to celebrate the holidays. I wish you a happy holiday. Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Chinese New Year, or any other celebration, we should all appreciate each other and have some fun with our household! 

Fun could be in a manner of playing games, looking forward to the end of covid, relaying fun memories, watching a movie together, or going out in nature to be submerged in peace! Since the start of covid, I have felt more easily bothered by my sister, Mom, and Dad. I’m sure that this case is happening with many families. Family is important, especially during this time of crisis. You could call grandparents to ask how their lives are. In addition to family, friends are important too! You could call a friend and chat for a while.

Let’s face it. Covid-19 is horrible and is crushing our hearts with the weight of uncertainty. Even during this time, let’s try to be positive and take many deep breaths. For those who have unfortunately lost loved ones or friends, think of all the great things they’ve done for the world and go through memories of special times to truly show that they matter. 

Furthermore, we should all appreciate what we have and help those in need. Before opening presents, or having your dinner, in your mind, you could thank those who help millions of covid patients, pray for people you know to stay safe. We should also be grateful for educators, and encourage those who have lost family members to be happier and help them through their difficult times.

These quarantined holidays seem overly gloomy and boring. Nothing to do! However, as free time doubles and triples, time is left where you could do something kind for your neighbors, friends, and peers around you…of course, in a safe way. Over calls for work, you could bring up virtual parties that your coworkers or bosses could set up to liven up the spirit and get into the true holiday mood even during this disastrous time. You could find volunteer opportunities by searching online for “virtual volunteer opportunities”. You could be the one to step up, and take the initiative. I always feel like an accomplished human after that! Every piece of kindness is crucial right now, and we can’t let this world of kindness, hope, fun, and love, fall apart. We are a strong community, city, state, country, and world. We worked through wars and depressions, each and every one of us can do this! Set goals and believe in what you want, believe in yourself!


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