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The winter in Texas is usually unforgiving because Texans aren’t prepared for it.

In this case, the winter storm swept the nation and concentrated its fury on Texas. At first, the effects were limited to the teachers not giving us much work because the few unlucky kids without power would have to catch up. Then it became more serious, and the situation finally entered our door, when we experienced our first power outages.

When it started, it was merely annoying. Trying to do some work? Power would shut down leaving you without wifi or battery. Then it became more serious, as prices for the very energy flowing within our houses rose and the parents sought to minimize our footprint, as well as conserving energy in total. The cold seeped into the house from this combination and we began to wear more winter gear.

Cross the highways, the snow and ice began to reduce the traffic as many cars had to deal for the first time with this trouble. Supplies slowed and people began to realize the dwindling of their resources. We were prepared, though, sporting headlights. We played many games not involving electricity. The water crisis was hard, but we stocked up some bottles and like many others melted snow for provisions.

During the middle of the crisis, you could see the effect the storm had on nature. Trees split and fell and the bushes all dried up, everything was covered in a sheet of ice. A small cat rested on our porch, but when we tried to help it with food and shelter it fled, showing the demeaning effect the cold had on everything.

I am grateful the situation is over and we have electricity, as well as water. Though I am readily used to life without such things, taught by many camping trips in the mountains, I never thought I would experience this within the doors of our house. It highlighted that the times were changing and that the world would not conform to previous boundaries.

By Joshua Wu, 7th Grade


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