Bags of Hope

We bring hopes to the homeless community

A program to pack and deliver gift bags that contain essential items and snack foods to the homeless community by our youth and parent volunteers.

This is a program sponsored by ACAN.

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Gloria Wu

Bags of Hope was meant as a way for us to deliver essential items to the homeless community. I was pretty involved throughout the whole process, from planning to buying items to packing and then distributing. As we were distributing bags, I was really surprised to see so many tents and felt very regretful that we couldn’t reach many of the homeless. Later on, I learned that many homeless from other cities, like Houston and San Antonio, are moving to Austin because we are the only city in Texas where camping is allowed. Many of them are even given free bus passes to come here. With more and more homeless moving over, I hope we can expand the Bags of Hope project so we can continue providing needed supplies to those in need.

Gloria Wu

Project leader

Gloria is a freshman at Westwood High School. I enjoy serving others and have served in church and various places such as Mexico, New Orleans, and China. I hope I can become a good leader and role model to other students through Vicina.

Catherine Tu

Project leader

Catherine is a freshman at Westlake High School. She loves volunteering, songwriting, singing, playing instruments, and coding. She’s excited to become apart of ACAN and participate in projects to help the community around her!

mindy young


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Homeless served








These kids are so brave and beautiful!

Doris, ACAN Board of Director

What you are doing is impressive and heartwarming!

Michelle, ACAN Board of Director