Hope…but When?

In February, we packed and delivered a total of 200 bags to the homeless communities across the city. Some of us wrote cards. Some of us came to pack. Some of us baked cookies. And some of us went to deliver. These bags are making a huge impact, not only the essential items such as socks and snacks, but also the encouraging words on the cards, the Chinese red envelopes, and most importantly, the heart and kindness we put into each and every one of these bags. 


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Give yourself a chance to change your life

You might have heard about the Toastmaster International Club. It is a global organization with over 360,000 members for the purpose of promoting communication, public speaking, and leadership. Do you know that ACAN has a similar program, for youth and run by youth?

ACAN Youth Public Speaking Club, sometimes called “social masters”, was founded in August last year and we have been meeting every Tuesday since then, minus holidays. But have they made any difference? What would the club members say about their experience? 


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ACAN Successfully Hosted the Christmas Gala

ACAN hosts a Winter Gala as a yearly fundraising event to promote its mission of serving the community and fostering our heritage. This year, the Winter Gala was more challenging to host due to COVID-19 and the global pandemic, however, this did not stop us from hosting a spectacular concert. 


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Outdoor Game Time

Hello, my name is Aidan Ye and I am a sophomore at Westlake High School. Recently, through personal experience with my sister and talking to friends, I realized that many young children, due to the pandemic, are stuck indoors.

This leads to a variety of problems including degrading eyesight, obesity, depression and anxiety. I wanted to provide a safe, fun, and exciting outdoor place for children to hangout, exercise, and meet new friends. 

Welcome to Outdoor Game Time.


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