A Movement by Courageous Chinese Youth in America


Vicina, a Latin word, meaning “neighboring” in modern language.

The idea of Vicina was born in the midst of coronavirus breakout, a global epidemic that originated from Wuhan, China.

While we see so many courageous people, Chinese or Americans, offer generous help and support, we also see many children and women were attacked just because they look like Chinese. 

The second most important thing as it was told in the Bible, is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Sadly, two thousand plus years later, this is still far from reality.

We want to team up with Chinese youth across America to change this. It’s simply not enough to protest, “ain’t virus”. It is imperative to unite together and tell the world, “we are the cure!”

No matter you are an ABC, or a Chinese exchange student, join us, to serve our community and love our neighbors!