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A Rainbow Comes With Every Storm

The weekend of the winter storm was the weekend that my sister would head off to college. At 4 AM last Saturday, she flew to Massachusetts. Little did we know that if she left even a day later, her flight would be postponed.

The first power outage of the snowstorm shocked my family, but we were prepared with excess candles and flashlights. In total, we had two power outages, but both lasted a short duration of time. I thought my family was in a horrible situation, but looking around and texting a few of my friends made me realize how much worse other people’s situations were. We drove through the icy snow to deliver batteries to a family friend’s house who hasn’t had electricity for days. Watching my dad drive and skid on the road was a scary experience, but not having water, electricity, and gas for days must have been even more terrifying.

Still, without the snowstorm, I would not have been able to experience how it is like to live in Colorado for a week. Walking in the snow for the first time with my dog was quite the experience. We spent hours and hours outside playing and running around in the snow and would walk back inside the house covered in snow. Never have I ever seen this much snow in Texas before, and we treated it like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Having no school the past week has led me to be able to pick up new activities to pass the time, such as photography! A mother bird that lives in front of our house fell from her nest and died, leading my family to put a bird feeder outside our house. So far, 4 different species have been spotted and photographed, and the seeds in our bird feeder dramatically decrease each and every day. 

A rainbow comes with every storm, just like this one. Although we are all struggling as a state to maintain our daily lives even without electricity, the internet, and water, many new opportunities and experiences come with those struggles. Staying grateful and having hope for the little things, even if the circumstances are horrendous, is a great way of thinking when it comes to this snowstorm. We are grateful that even throughout a snowstorm, we were able to quickly adapt and have new experiences that we never would’ve had without it.

By Catherine Tu, 9th Grade


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